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Juliar interpreter replaced by Juliar.Future Compiler

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Juliar is replaced by Juliar.Future

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Welcome to the Future

Welcome to the *Juliar * Programming Language. Juliar was created to be a powerful and efficient text manipulation language. Its first command was to change regular text to rainbow colored one. It has since evolved and expanded into a universal object oriented functional programming language. It's an essential language for any IT person, Web Developer, Graphic Artist, Game Designer, and an everyday programmer. Juliar runtime is built for almost every platform, so you don't have to worry about the portability of the code. The language supports REST, SOAP, and XML RPC. The language can run in command prompt, transform a file, run as an apache service, be used as a calculator, used for searching a file, and used to create an antivirus. Because Juliar has a strong focus on cross-platform, the code can be written once and the code can be ran on Linux, Macintosh, Windows, Windows 10 Phone, Android, iOS, and even Xbox. The Universal Module makes it simple to create modules in other languages such as Python, C#, & Fortran and port them into Juliar. These features make it easier than ever to combine scripts written in multiple languages.

Juliar for Dummies List

1) Functional, but not really - Unlike C,JAVA, LISP...Juliar is completely different. It does use Functional ideology but in its own kind of way.

2) Easy to Learn - You can be a coding hero within hours.

3) Cross Platform - The Juliar code you write on one Machine can be used on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. As well as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Xbox

4) Professional - Create High Quality Websites, Professional Articles, and Powerful Presentations.

5) Web Server - You can use Juliar as a webdevelopment language. Create powerful websites with dynamic content!

6) Multithreaded - Juliar is automatically multithreaded. However, you can manually control when to use it. Useful for Networking.

7) Sandbox - Juliar runs in a closed environment = Less Memory Exploits.

8) Write Once - We will take care of upgrading the algorithms and using latest technologies. So you don't have to.

9) Open Source - Juliar is open source and only interpreted or compiled at run time.

10) Growing Community - Juliar has a strong community who are willing to help you with any questions you might have.